Aly Merchant's Page

This is my personal homepage, currently most of it is dedicated to displaying my programming projects. There are separate sections for programming contests I have parcipated in and my university work which is more programming. Aside from all that, there is a small about section and some hosted sites.

Projects: Delphi Amark Misc Tenk

These projects are mainly the results of my spare time activities. An overview of the languages and libraries used: Amark was written in Java (JSP/Servlets), Tenk in Java (JDBC), Misc contains Python (IRClib) and OCaml code, Delphi contains Delphi (DelphiX, Lego).

Contests: ICFP GID14

I have participated in several programming competitions, these pages contain the code / results. Currently the only prominent page is the ICFP contest page. I'm hoping to add pages for the IPSC, Woburn Challenge and a general GID page soon. In the meantime you can also look through my subversion repositories for code which has not yet been put up on display.

School: Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4

Projects, notes, etc. from four years of undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto are on these pages. The pages for the first two years are empty and likely to stay that way, the other two do have some content on them.

About: Me Links Site Map Subversion Tools Trac

The classic about and links pages. I've decided to bunch in some other content here too. You'll also find the site map, source code repositories and some propaganda about tools / programs I use.

Hosted sites: TorontoISA Greenland Origins Singe

Just a page for various sites which aren't related to Some of it is my work and some of it comes from other sources. Right now it's about an even mix.


2006-04-19: Cosmetics, dead links

I've updated a few of the about pages and fixed some of the broken links. You can now find my PGP key on this site.

2005-07-20: Main page, About

Updated the main page, there are now main pages. Layout change should hopefully make navigation easier. Updated the About:Me page on about/.

2005-07-02: Main page, ICFP, About

Updated the main page. Added a page for the 2005 ICFP contest on icfp/. Added a page for trac on about/.

2005-02-25: Delphi projects

Delphi projects posted on delphi/.

2005-01-22: ACBot and Amark

ACBot (a very simple IRC bot using python's irclib) was posted on misc/. I've added web submission capabilities to amark/.


Moved to a separate page: 2004


Moved to a separate page: 2003