Useful Tools

This part of the site is about programs I have found to be useful.


SCons is a replacement for make. It is much nicer in many ways and their page is probably best qualified to tell you why. I will say a few nice things: the sconstruct file (== Makefile) is in python, making it very easy to do fancy stuff. Also you don't have to do things like specify the link steps, making for shorter and cleaner files.


Subversion is a replacement for CVS. It is a lot nicer, in addition to just feeling nicer it has tangible benefits as well. Stuff I have found useful is the 'svn log' summary, 'svn mv' for preserving file info when moving or renaming a file, and again the site can provide with many other compelling reasons.


Vim is my editor of choice. With the various plugins found on the site it can become quite powerful, matching many features in full IDEs. However, it remains a good text editor which is where a few IDEs I have used are severely lacking.


Apache, Tomcat, Ant, Python, MinGW, FLTK, Octave. Blurbs and links coming later, much later.
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