ICFP submission

2004-06-08: Updated 2004, cosmetic changes

The 2004 page has the final submission, made a few changes to the other pages. I may put up screenshots of our antsim with our final ant later.

2004-06-07: New pages

Submissions for 2003 and 2004 are now on the site. Yes, 2003 is a year late as well as not being an actual submission on account of it not working, but it is here. Part of the reason is that it is a spectacular failure, it has the ability to pull off some astonishing moves while remaining completely oblivious to simple principles of physics.

The 2004 submission is not so bad. Currently the submission on this site is obsolete, I am told by my teammates that they submitted an ant which was able to attain triple digit food count on average.

Sometime in 2002

Currently this site hosts the ICFP 2002 submission for team Monkeys (Mohammed Ajmal, Aly Merchant, Zaid Mian, Peter Plachta). The contest itself is a very neat idea, the main goal being to prove that your programming language (in addition to your programming skill) is the best. It is geared towards functional languages, but being the monkeys we are we used java. Have a look that the official ICFP site for 2002.

Other interesting stuff

I recently found out that simulations of all the tests from the 2002 competition were posted. Check the links page.
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