Team Monkeys 2003 "submission"

This was not an actual submission, since submissions were expected to follow the laws of physics and ours did not. Once again this was written in Java, and has a nice GUI. Unfortunately that is about the only part of it that is nice.

Code: Proof of failure

One of the most impressive parts of this submission, is a demonstration of its spectacular failure: our car performs a hairpin turn within a pixel and then proceeds to smash through a wall. Screenshot, Code

The simian gang

The physics

Last year, when I said I would put up a submission site for our code Peter mentioned that he wanted to post a rant concerning the horrible physics used. Whenever that time comes, this space will be here.


Despite not having a submission we still believe our idea was valid. It was based on computer assisted route generation. The idea was that we could select an arbitrary number of points and the computer would fit those together using bezier curves. This would become the intended route, the computer would then run a simulation to fit a series of commands to the route using a greedy algorithm (pick the instruction that fits the path most closely).
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