These projects are mainly the results of my spare time activities. An overview of the languages and libraries used: Amark was written in Java (JSP/Servlets), Tenk in Java (JDBC), Misc contains Python (IRClib) and OCaml code, Delphi contains Delphi (DelphiX, Lego).


Delphi contains some Delphi tutorials (an incomplete set), also has several programs written in Delphi (with source code available).


AMark is an automated marking program, designed for both programming contests and school work. Written in Java using JSP and Servlets.


Misc Projects is just a collection of projects whose code is miniscule an not worthy of a top level directory. It consists of a pair of projects at the moment: listgen (C++ with FLTK gui) and acbot (Python using irclib).


10K Run Program a program written to print certficates and summaries for the 10K Run for Charity. Holds two version: 2004 in Java and 2003 in Delphi.