About TenkCert

TenkCert is a program for printing certificates for the Ismaili 10K Run for Charity, as well as archiving the results in a database and generating summaries by category. The program is written in Java and has a graphical Swing interface. It is freely available under the zlib/libpng free software license.

Why it is here

TenkCert was used to print all the certificates for the 2004 run. It really isn't very flexible (the year 2004 has been hardcoded into the application), but I'm hoping it may be of use to someone trying to get printing support in Java. Also, future versions will likely rid themselves of the problematic code and possibly grow into something better.

The code

You really want to see this? Here it is:


A lot ...

I'm hoping to extend this into a registration system as well, as well as making the existing code more flexible. Stuff like making a proper certificate description file takes priority. The UI could use some polishing.

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