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We are one of the teams in section 0101 for Software Engineering (CSC444) at UofT. The product we are offering for sale in the trading game is the user interface module (TVUI).


In order to convince you that buying our software is a wise decision, we are hosting evaluation (demo) versions of the product.

The first thing you'll want to check out is the online demo, which is a Java applet that will run on any browser that has the Java plugin (version 1.3 or higher).

While we expect most users to be able to evaluate our module using the applet, we also provide a standalone jar file that can be executed on any computer with a Java Virtual Machine (version 1.3 or higher). On a windows box you can usually double-click the jar in order to execute the demo. If that fails, try running java -jar tvui.jar from the command line (that'll work as long as you have the Java JRE or SDK installed and java.exe is in your path).

The standalone demo has the extra feature of allowing you to select input files using a file browser. However, since it is just a demo, the contents of the files are ignored, and you always get the same outline.


Full package
Here is what our full package includes:
  • All future releases
  • Bug fixes within a week
  • Full source code (with certain redistribution restrictions)
If we fail on any of those points, you will get a partial refund (exact terms to be negotiated). Currently our pricing is being reconsidered, it was originally based on the suggestions given in the handout.
Other packages and inquires
If you consider most of the above useless, or just want to purchase something specific we can negotiate a price. Please contact Mohamed Ajmal at ajmal @ ecf.


Team membership

Repository location

If you are a member of the team, you can find our repository at:, if you are using Eclipse you probably want to register the root as the repository (just /a/cvssucks) and checkout csc444 as a project. Also, this is all running over ssh so setup the right options: in Eclipse this means picking extssh, and in the command line it means setting $CVS_RSH to ssh.

Frequently Asked Question

If you are wondering why with several good arguments in favour of Subversion we picked CVS instead of Subversion (as am I): it is because the Subversion plugin for Eclipse doesn't satisfy the Eclipse users on our team.
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