Design Project

This is the main page for our 4th year design project. The project is about graphics hardware virtualization: we are trying to implement the recursive dominator split (RDS) algorithm from a paper presented at Graphics Hardware 2002. Our project attempts to build on top of the Sh shading language which is being developed at the University of Waterloo.

Hardware Virtualization

What hardware virtualization aims to do is to present seemingly infinite resources to the user of the hardware. In our case this means that the Sh compiler will accept arbitrarily complex programs for execution. The RDS algorithm will take this complex program and partition it into several simpler programs which can be executed together to achieve the same effect.


  • Aly Merchant
  • Cynthia Dahl

Group Concept Proposal

Available as [LaTeX source] or [pdf].

Technical Proposal

Available as [LaTeX source] or [pdf].

Project Log

You can find our log and todo list on our wiki.
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