I have participated in several programming competitions, these pages contain the code / results. Currently the only prominent page is the ICFP contest page. I'm hoping to add pages for the IPSC, Woburn Challenge and a general GID page soon. In the meantime you can also look through my subversion repositories for code which has not yet been put up on display.


ICFP is a collection of submissions to the International Conference on Functional Programming's programming contest from Team Monkeys. Currently holds entries for 2002-2004. 2003 is particularly amusing, although it never really entered the contest, the submission has tremendous entertainment value.


GID is not even a proper page on this site. It is actually my trac repository for the submission. It does contain some description so I pulled it out of the "Other contests" bin.

Other contests

I have also participated in the Woburn Challenge and the IPSC. Currently you might find some code in my subversion repositories but I do not have pages up for them yet.