Third Year Computer Engineering

Currently this page has links to my networks projects and computer hardware labs.

ECE342: Computer Hardware

I have a bunch of lab work posted as a large zip file (3.2 Mb). In there you will find a magnificent 8 instruction processor and a very crappy minimization tool. Also, a warning about our function minimization tool, it was designed to target a system with infinite memory: the program is one big memory leak.

These labs were done by Keir Mierle and myself.

ECE361: Communication Networks

This course had two large projects, each one was an implementation of a P2P network. The other members of the group I worked with:
Project #1
The first project was a centralized network, all of the communication was done over TCP. Here is the code.
Project #2
The second project was a distributed network, queries were flooded via UDP, all transfers were handled via TCP. Here is the code.
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