Fourth Year Computer Engineering

You'll find my schedules and some course specific info on this site.


Schedule for term one. Schedule for term two.

[CSC444] Software Engineering

Team Monkey Juicers have a page for their project here.

[ECE496] Design Project

Design project page is here.

Course links

Course NameCourse Page
Software Engineering 1 CSC444h1f, 2003 fall
Compilers and Interpreters CSC467h1f
Digital Signal Processing ECE431h1f
Engineering Economic Analysis and Entrepreneurship ECE472h1f
Computer Graphics CSC418h1s, 2004 winter
Multimedia Systems ECE462h1s
Optimizing Compilers ECE540h1s, 2004 winter
Computer Vision ECE1772h1s, 2004 winter
Design ECE496y1y
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